Monday, 17 April 2017

Chess MASTER Class #2 - GM Ivan Sokolov

AHM CREATES - 7M Sports: MASTER Class Series #2
Saturday - Sunday, 22nd - 23rd April 2017

AHM CREATES have been appointed as a Co-Organiser for the Middle Game Master Class to be taught by Super GM Ivan Sokolov.

Details below:-

(1) VENUE:
Either, Kuala Lumpur Chess Academy, Desa Sri Hartamas - KUALA LUMPUR
Or, OPA Penthouse, Wisma OPA, Saujana Resorts - SELANGOR 
Note: Venue will be confirmed before event date.

(2) TIME:
Saturday:  3PM - 6PM
Sunday:    10AM - 1PM and 2PM - 5PM

Twelve (12) Participants ONLY

(4) FEES:
RM700.00 per participant.

" By Invitation  ONLY" according to the following priority:- 
A. Malaysian National Players
B. Venue Hosts' (KLCA or OPA) Invites;
C. Participants of 7M Sports - Senior Master Class Series #1 on 7 April 2017
D. Participants of 7M Sports - Junior Master Class Series #1 on 7 April 2017

Please send an email to to register.

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